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Make a Doctor Who episode title with your birthday! (v.1)



January- (The) Power of
February- (The) Carnival of
March- (The) Horns of
April- (The) Curse of
May- (The) Seeds of
June- (The) Tomb of
July- (The) Attack of
August- (The) Pyramids of
September- (The) Day of
October- (The) Horror of
November- (The) Warriors of
December- (The) Invasion of


1- Fear
2- Blood
3- Eden
4- Nimon
5- Infinity
6- Androzani
7- The Rani
8- Peladon
9- (The) Spiders
10- Monsters
11- (The) Zygons
12- Time
13- Destruction
14- (The) Cybermen
15- Doom
16- Traken
17- Death
18- (A) Timelord
19- (The) Dinosaurs
20- Fang Rock
21- Fenric
22- The World
23- Mars
24- The Deep
25- (The) Daleks
26- Fire
27- Terror
28- Decay
29- The Autons
30- Morbius
31- Evil


Doctor Who impatience list July 2014

  • The next six Big Finish releases (Hex! Rani! Post-Trial Peri!)
  • Deep Breath (New Doctor!)
  • Engines of War (John Hurt novel!)

I’m sure there’s more that I’m forgetting. I’ll prob. get the Capaldi novels when they come out too, but I’m not as impatient for those as I am for all this other stuff. And Dark Eyes 3, Worlds of Doctor Who and other various pre-orders are on the horizon!

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